The Broken Crown

A Creep in the Deep or Did You Step In Something?

Session on 11-20-15

The group decided to search for jobs/quests in the town starting with people we know. Billy took everyone to see Whittlewood who informed us of a place off to the west that is an abandoned Dwarven outpost. Whittlewood said that the outpost was most likely deserted. It was so suddenly that they left most of their belongings at the keep.

After that we headed over to Amaad’s. His information was of an elven city deep in the western forest. It currently has been taken control of by a bunch of mages, one of whom has a crystal orb that is said to see deep into the future. The orb is being held in a tall tower in the town. Amaad would like us to retrieve this crystal orb. The other quest Amaad informed us about was an island out in the middle of the ocean that contains a stone. He does not know which island it is and assumes that the past owner of the gem would not have left it unguarded. He desires the stone more than the crystal orb. He also had some nice items for sale. Billy was looking for a blacksmithing instrument to help a friend of his with a project. Amaad told him he could get an item of that sorts and to return back later so he could go get it.

At the job board in town we found two quests that were of interest. One was an advertisement looking for people who were looking for adventure and riches. Anyone interested should inquire at the Seaworth Museum. The other quest was to help find a “missing medic.” On the paper was a symbol (Angiris Council) and some writing to inquire at the Eternal Horizon Inn. We headed to the Eternal Horizon where we saw an incredibly pale man sitting in the back wearing a white cloak with copper trimmings and the same symbol on the chest as on the paper. When we got closer you could see that he had no hair or eyebrows and his eyes were a shimmering bronze/gold. When asked for his name he told us it was trivial. He informed us that the medic who was captured and needing rescue was Jamie Reed. Once we accepted the responsibility the man disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving behind his cloak.

Billy returned to the merchant to check on the status of his order. Ahmaad had come into a Smithing Hammer that he thought Billy would be interested in. Billy began to salivate at it’s potential and asked the merchant how much was needed to part with such a divine tool. They began to haggle and Billy almost lost his shirt in the deal,literally. They were able to come together with amicable price and Billy was more than happy to receive such a wonderful item. He then proceeded to bring the hammer to [insert name of blacksmith here] so that he could finish the [insert name of sword here]. [blacksmith name here] was delighted to see the the magnificent hammer and told Billy he would have [name of sword here] way sooner than planned. Billy bid him adieu and met up the team to begin their adventure.

The group decided that we should head up North and save Jamie first. Since the location was 22 days away we decided to ask Greywind if there was a Leyline that we could use to get there instead of normal travel. Greywind said that there was a Leyline that could get us very close but that area was very dangerous and he would not be able to stay with us. So we decided to journey on our mounts, but Sika did not have one.
They headed over to the mount dealer called Zansabar’s Used Mounts. They were able procure a mount for Sika, a beautiful Dire Boar named Bacon. The item of greatest interest was a large owlbear in a cage. The huge monster was covered in blood and had a human skull in his cage. This seemed to get Billy’s attention and he began trying to negotiate with the merchant. Billy was able to convince him to sell him the owlbear for 60 gp. The merchant couldn’t have been more excited to rid himself of the animal.

It took us 14 days to arrive at the castle where Jamie was said to be held. The weather was terrible with heavy rain and lightning. The surrounding area was very muddy and littered with dead saplings. Around the castle was a moat about 18ft across with a drawbridge that was gated and raised. After checking to see if any creatures were in the water we tied rope to Sika’s waist and he swam across to the other side. Once on the other side the knocker on the front door of the castle started to glow purple and the eyes shot out two purple beams. The beams looked at Billy, then Kal, and then down at Sika. After looking at the three of us the knocker stopped glowing and the mud began to move and separate. Sika then decided to attempt to climb the castle wall. The wall was covered in a very slick black algae-like substance which slowed Sika down and made climbing very difficult. After almost reaching the chains that would let down the drawbridge Sika fell. Once on the ground the mud separated further and undead skeletons crawled up and out of the ground. This started combat.

On Sika’s side of the moat were two undead while on the other side were four. Sika fell in the moat trying to attack one of the undead and swam back to Billy and Kal. Billy took on two undead and eventually killed them both while Sika finished off the third one. Kal summoned his sabre from the necklace he purchased from Fezziwig and took on the other three. One of the undead wielding a greatsword was inflicting heavy damage upon Kal who attempted to use his mirror image spell to confuse the undead. The spell unfortunately had no effect and in an attempt to survive until Billy and Sika could aid him he cast shield and went full defensive. The undead wielding the greatsword cut Kal down to the point of unconsciousness and he was barely breathing. Sika stabbed one of the undead in a rage while Billy ran up and stood over Kal’s body, with one furious cleave Billy swung through all three of the undead, killing two and severely wounding the one wielding the greatsword. Sika then leaped towards the undead, burying his daggers into it and killing it once and for all. When it was quiet Sika poured an orcish potion down Kal’s throat and thankfully he came to. After stabilizing the group the ground across the moat began to lurch up revealing a huge black oozing creature. This is where the session leaves off.

Individual Moments

  • Sold music box to Amaad. Music box was not magical. The song that plays is incredibly old and probably one from when the Ancients were alive.
  • Sold Celestial Bronze Sword to Amaad.
  • Purchased a very special smithing hammer from Amaad and gave it to Duncan to help finish the meteorite sword.
  • Picked up the pale stranger’s cloak.
  • Saved Kaltor’s life in a move a desperation
  • Placed down payment on Bugbear at Zansabar’s
Sika Anoa’i
  • Purchased a Dire Boar from Zansabar. Named it Bacon?
  • Climbed a castle wall and swam across a moat to get a better vantage point
  • Purchased a beginners guide to music from music woman.
  • Struck down in combat by a very skilled skeleton wielding a greatsword
  • Refused to let Amaad test out an axe that can cut down trees in one fell swoop on her.
  • Suggested the party would be safer in the forest where she felt more at home

Main Story – Most/All of the Dwarves to the West are longer in their homes, leaving everything behind.
The party is in danger and is being attacked by a huge undulated black blob that emerged from the moat of the dark castle.


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