The Broken Crown

A Fault in the Vault or Banks a Million

Our heroes begin looking at the items they have just removed from the sad orc’s body. A staff and platinum coin which contain more of the marks that they continue to find around the castle. The group walks around the castle looking for areas that these items may belong to but can’t seem to find anything. They go outside to a corner of the castle they think the staff could be used for but instead are met with darkness. The outdoors had become night time despite it being the middle of the afternoon. Through knowledge of the arcane arts Ophelia and Kaltor are able to determine that a spell is covering the castle in a darkness. The party decides to embark out of the darkness and into daylight where they will rest until next morning.

They reach the end of the bubble into daylight but notice that Sika has fallen ill. He feels that returning to the castle would help him as he didn’t have this sickness when he was in there. Monti feeds him elixirs and potions to help with his distress. They seem to take and Sika is feeling better but still not like his old self.

The night passes with no complications though Sika still feels off. They pack up and head back to castle Borgir for more investigations. As they approach the castle Sika seems to be feeling better and is more lively than he had been at camp. They enter the main hall and begin to look more closely at the room. They notice a grand piano in the corner of the room and begin to walk toward it. Next to the piano there is a desk with a chair with some more of the marks. Monti hops onto the desk and notices there is a metal grate near the desk with rubble underneath it. He opens the grate and makes his way in, determining that this was a waiters walkway. You would only see these in the grandest of castles. He also noticed he could see to the other side and that it was a patio overlooking a lake. He informed the group of what he had seen and they determined they should walk around as the map shows.

They approach the door to the north east of the great hall, disarm the trap and walk through. In the first room they discover a beautiful garden filled with plants. Ophelia tried to approach one tree with a gorgeous fruit dangling from it but it sprung a trap and she had to be rescued by Gunther. While she was being rescuing Ophelia had cut her hand on a thorn of a rose bush. Sika ran over to her and began to help her tend to her wounds. She was fine and wrapped her hand in a piece of cloth. The gathered what they could from the room and continued the journey

Walking down the hall they came to a room with a large metal door, Monti was able to determine that it was a vault door. Sika tried his hand at picking the locks but to no avail. He then remembered they had found a small key on a soldier in a room. The key seemed to be the same size as one of the key holes in the door. He put it in and twisted, the key turned but seemed be stuck in position. The other two key holes had two crowns on them one smaller than the other. The party was not on the hunt for two more keys. More than likely belonging to a king and prince. Hopefully more alive than the last fellow they found with a key.

In the next room they saw two training dummies at the end of the room. As they entered the room they noticed two floating swords attacking them. Gunther tried to inspect them but as he stepped in the room the floor shifted and created a scraping noise. The noise and the encroachment in the room seemed to irritate them and they began to approach the party. Trying to get into the room proved to be complicated as the doorway was too small to fit everyone in. They eventually were able to enter the room and work their death magic, eliminating the immediate threat to them….


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