The Broken Crown

Doorway to Danger or Doom in the Room

We started our adventure discovering a giant broken down fortress surrounded by a moat with what looked like rainbow glistening gasoline floating on top. Little did we know that the ink-like muck turned out to be a monster called Black Pudding and he was hindering our way into the abandoned castle said to hold our friend Jamie Reed. During the course of our battle the black pudding was cut in half and instead of taking damage, the pudding split into two perfectly functional monsters. At first we thought our demise was staring at us in the face until we realized that our elemental powers can overcome this slimy demon. Our dryad party member used fire to set the top layer of the oil on fire, setting the entire moat to go up in flames and using soften earth to force one of the two Siamese puddings to fall into the flames, causing it to bubble and eventually explode. With all the commotion going on it’s amazing that our heroes were able to hear what sounded like 8 feet running towards them in a quick manner; is it another enemy? Coming towards us was what looked like a human man riding a small horse with a gorgeous Siberian tiger by his side. If you squinted hard enough you would have noticed that not only is the man being accompanied by a tiger, but also someone or something else. Is it Prince Charming? It is not, but the next best thing, a frog! But this is no ordinary frog; the frog was carrying a jar with what looks like marshmallow fluff inside of it. Frog guy threw the jar on the ground, it broke, and this white pudding creature crawled to the black pudding, made them form into one and basically ate each other to death.

The human introduced himself as Gunther and the frog like man as Monty. The party decided to have Gunthar and Monty join their party after the untimely demise of their pal Monty. After introductions were made, our “Threads of Fate” were paid a visit by the man/entity who is responsible for the creation of our team; The Weaver. The Weaver told us to trust Gunthar and Monty as they will help us with the tasks at end, which in this case, is helping rescue Jamie inside. He also reassured us that we were destined for greatness, which was very good news after the death of our friend. Unfortunately, The Weaver told us the Billy was needed for a task that only he can perform and took Billy with him when he dissipated into the beyond. The good news is, our new frog friend brought us healing potions which taste like sweet tea, and the bad news is Monty didn’t turn into a prince after the dryad, Ophelia, kissed him.

After using magical forest powers to creative a bamboo-like bridge, our hero’s safely crossed the moat and reached the front gates of the castle which looks like it was being guarded by an evil force. We started looking around a found an old stable, and to our surprise, found a carriage with dead decaying horses in it. After dragging out these nasty smelling corpses, we found a secret entrance with a symbol on it that none of us could decipher, hence not letting us into the room. Ophelia used her eagle cape powers to turn into a bird and look at this castle-like home from an aerial perspective to try to see if there was another entrance into the place. She saw that there was, told the party, and we entered the castle. When we entered the castle we encountered what looked like four drugged out meth heads that yelled “FOOD” and attacked us immediately. After we defeated the meth heads, we saw that there was another door on the other side of the wall and we opened it to discover what looked like 3 chefs and a butler. At this point we don’t know how our hero’s will act; will they fight or will they run?


Lateralus676 nfghaxor

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