The Broken Crown

Session Two
Delving Deeper Into the Mysterious Cave

This session saw our heroes delving deeper into the mysterious golbin cave to the north. One the way to the cave the heroes found some extremely tall grass, (filled with extremely large ticks!). The heroes managed to overcome the three giant arachnids and progress deeper into the grass. It was here they found what is known as a font of power. It is a meeting point between leylines of fey magic. The water caused the plants and creatures nearby to grow at an astonishing rate. The heroes experimented with the water. Those that had the fortitude to harness this incredible power grew more hearty. Others found themselves purging this magical water.

Session One
Meeting and Introduction

This first session’s purpose is to introduce the party members and set them on their adventure. All of you have your own backgrounds that helped shape the character you play.

You will all start to trickle in to a small Inn in the city of Valencourt known as The Solstice Inn. None of you have been here before, it is a pretty far trip from your home. A mysterious letter brought you to this small city.

At some point during the past few weeks a brilliant white raven delivered a small scroll to each of you. The raven seemed to have a faint golden glow as it approached each of you. After it delivered its package it seemed to simply disappear.

The scroll had a wax seal with a strange symbol on it (Religion). Each letter was written in each character’s native language, but read the same thing.

I am The Weaver. The world around you is changing. The age of heroes has begun. This might just be the final age, for a dark power is rising. It is the actions of the few that will either make or break this world. The threads of fate tell me that you are an integral part of the future. It is not my place to act, I simply take threads of fate and weave them into a great tapestry. It is far more beautiful to see threads together forming a wonderful work of art then to simply stand alone, spooled on a shelf. I know you seek purpose. You feel as though there is something more for you out there. There is. Your destiny awaits you. I ask only that you go and claim it. Bring this scroll to the human city of Valencourt. Go to The Solstice Inn, there you will find companions, the other threads of fate to begin forming the tapestry. I hope to meet some day, when our threads meet. May the seven guide you.


Your journey begins here.

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