The Broken Crown

The Fight or Flight Reponse or: A Cowards Game

After resting for the night the Threads of Fate returned to the library in castle Borgir where a statue of Death itself stayed. After putting the rest of the coins into its open hand the statue of Death become mobile and revealed a hidden pathway from behind its previous position and return to its previous state of dead weight. The group pressed on to find a staircase, highlighted by golden flamed torches clearly imbued with magic, with locked doors with symbols on them on every floor. The group figured out that each symbol was a different class of magic, fire, water, conjuration, etc. With each failed attempt to understand how to open these doors the flames on the torches would turn red and an alarm would sound. Eventually the team, after what could be considered a moderate waste of time trying to open the doors, reaches the top of the staircase and finds the final door. After one of the Threads knocks on the door an eyeball appears onto the door. It seemed to be checking out the group. After a little bit the eye disappears and the door opens.

Inside the Threads of Fate find themselves not in a dingy, dust and cob webbed infested room, like the rest of the castle, but in an outdoor paradise with a gazebo at its center, the sun, or at least a sun that the wizard conjured, covering everything in a golden burst of vitality. And in that gazebos center rested what appeared to an inconspicuous old man who appeared to be dressed in traditional wizard robes and a wizard’s hat. “Ah yes there you are”, the old man greeted the group with a smile, “I was wondering when you adventurers were going to make it up to my tower.” The group approached with guards up noticing the table between them and the wizard, it was covered with fresh food and drink. “Please, please have a seat and some food, I’m sure after all that fighting and exploring within the castle grounds below as made you all fatigued and famished.” The group took to the chairs that were at the table and rested. Some of the members took some food while others abstained. “Ah yes, where are my manners, my name is Zaladar Elunreae” the old man said with a smile.

Then Zaladar explained to the group many things, his reason for coming to this castle (“I needed a place where no one could bother me so I could get some work done, the fact the castle was considered haunted made that a simple choice for me.”), his reason for massacring everyone in the castle (“I didn’t want to necessarily kill them but sometimes no one will take you seriously unless you show your dominance, plus it actually helped with my studies so that’s killing two dragons with one arrow as they say.), how he wasn’t bitten by a vampire but become one on his own (“I decided I wanted more out of life, by making it eternal.”) but the main question on the groups mind was where their friend Jamie Reid was and why he took her in the first place. “Ah yes of course, well, it’s hard to go over the details at this moment but let’s just say that my experiment requires someone with a great soul” Zaladar paused for a moment to look around the room, “I’m sure you adventurers’ know what I mean, it seems this very group is stitch together by people of great spiritual essence.” After intently looking at the group he continues. “Ah yes well anyway, so Jamie just so happens to be one of these kinds of special souls that was just perfect to test my theory. With her help I was able to get such great results!” Zaladar said with great enthusiasm. “But, I’m not going to lie to you, the effects have been not for the greater for the medic” Zaladar said with a tone of mild regret. “However I swear to you she is alive, that much I can guarantee.” The group, obviously concerned with the wellbeing of their friend, demand to know the exact condition of Jamie but the wizard insists on not revealing. “The truth is that if I tell you exactly what has happened to you friend I’m afraid you will all be mad and want to fight me and the truth is I really don’t want to make a mess of the place with all your blood, it would be such a bother to clean up after you five, do you know how much blood five people are filled with? Believe me it’s a lot.” The wizard said with such a sense of blasé’ and self-assurance that the group was mildly irritated but then stopped to ask themselves, is he serious after all? Kaltor decides to use spirit sight to see what Zaladar already knows, that his power, and thus is spirit, is incredibly great, as bright as the sun that’s above them. It becomes clear to him and the rest of the group that he’s not joking. Maybe they could win, maybe they couldn’t, they wouldn’t know for sure unless they actually went for it, but what about Jamie? “So here’s what I proposed to you, it’s clear that you five want Jamie back, and even though it was hard to find a person with that kind of soul, I’m willing to let her go, in exchange you leave the castle today for me to prepare my things and I’ll be gone. Then tomorrow you can come back to the castle and get her back, I have the key to her chambers right here. Also just to sweeten the deal, you can pick any room from the staircase and whatever items are in there are yours. Also you can have the deed to castle, it’s not like the original owner is coming around anytime soon. So, do we have a deal?” The group comes together to discuss their options but in the end feel that this just makes the most sense right now, why fight and possibly lose Jamie then not fight and get her? It was the rational decision but in the back of their minds everyone felt that it was also the cowards’ way out, knowing that this wizard is clearly up to something no good. The group accepts the wizards deal and the wizard has them sign off on it with magical parchment. With a smile Zaladar greets the group out “Well it was nice meeting you adventurers, if you ever see another one like Jamie please let me know I’d love to use them. Here’s a way to get into contact with me, hell if you need help even use it I don’t mind.” A paper crane appears in his hand and gives it to Gunther. “Just open it up and it will be consumed by flames and I’ll know.” The group takes their item, a wand of great power that can’t be identified just yet, and return to their resting place to wait until the next day to get to Jamie.

Next day comes and they find the portion of castle that was once Zaladar’s quarters completely gone. They find Jamie in an empty chamber cell chained up and upon seeing the group screams for mercy. It seems she has suffered severe mental trauma and the group can only do so much to help her. They bring her back to their wagon and get ready to finally head back to Valencourt(SP?). Before leaving the castle they obtain the deed in an empty vault say for a single skeleton. When Gunther reaches for the deed in the skeletons hand the skeleton begins to disintegrate to the floor but not before the skeleton makes one final testament from the great beyond, “Do not trust his lies.” It says, then turns to ash. To call that a warning would be putting it lightly.

While on their way back the group gets attacked by some random bandits. The fight goes as usual until Drak’Qar and his little goblin army show and murder the remaining bandits, so much as to cleave the head off one retreating with a throwing axe. The group is thankful and relvealed to see Drak’Qar and his group are doing well. Drak’Qar says that he’s now part of a security force that covers the outside perimeter of Valencourt, it’s been a good source of purpose of the group thus far. The group agrees it’s a great purpose for them and say if they help out when they can. Drak’Qar thanks them for their generosity. The group gets back on the road to return to Valencourt, where hopefully there can be a way to help Jamie return to the friend they once knew.

Blank Night or The Age of Nothing

Having cured themselves of mummy rot the Threads of Fate wander back into castle Borgir. As they came to the eastern themed room they were rudely awakened to see the mummy was standing again. Gunther told the other to stand back his faith would prevent him from succumbing to mummy rot. The foul undead made a gesture that was recognized to be a dueling challenge. Gunther accepted and battle ensued. The holy warrior charged his sword up with magic and called down a righteous wrath upon the evil spawn. The fight was great and terrifying, the combatants were evenly matched and the fight came down to one final swing. Gunther knocked the Mummy down who then offered his head in defeat, Gunther took it with no hesitation and a green wave exploded forth shattering several jars near the sarcophagus and destroying the flies the mummy had spit out moments before.

The party explored the southwest and final tower of the castle. They found the lever to open the trick wall the map had pointed to on the outside. They also found a rare contraption used for blood transfusions. The heroes next scaled the rubble of the ruined tower and found themselves in a library. There they learned that the house words of the Borgir were, “United we Stand.” This library was the most well kept room in the entire castle. There was an odd statue in the corner of the room that looked like a visage of death with a scythe in one hand and the other outstretched. Billy put one of the coins they had taken off a vampire into the hand and the statue started to move, unwilling to face more danger this day the party decided to head back to camp for the night.

Rot Got Your Tongue or Somebody Call My Mummy

The Threads of Fate spent a good amount of time exploring the South East tower of castle Borgir. They found many interesting things not the least of which was the Castellan’s office. The Castellan himself seemed to have locked himself in his office when things turned bad in the castle and died hiding alone. His office had one of the best things the party could have hoped to find, a key cupboard. Unfortunately all the keys had fallen off of the hooks, the heroes divided them up so each had a few and went on. Also in the Castellan’s office they found not only sealing wax but also the stamp of house Borgir.

The next interesting area they came upon was the bath house which had fallen into some disrepair. The facilities seemed like they were quite luxurious at one point. The next room was decorated in an eastern theme with a giant sarcophagus in the center. Derek started to approach the center when the lid flew off of the sarcophagus and a shambling corpse wrapped in bandages stepped out. Billy and Kal closed on it immediately while Gunther took his time powering up. While Derek and Ophelia supported from afar, as Kal and Billy felled the monster before Gunther got in the fight. After the fight however Billy and Kal screamed in pain as their skin withered away from any place the mummy touched them.
The party rushed back to camp to try and fix the wounded. Gunther had heard of something called mummy rot that was a combination of a curse and a disease, and, that both the curse and disease must be treated separately. Though he was able to cure disease Gunther was unable to break the curse, Ophelia said that by using old magic she would be able to break the curse. Ophelia started chanting in the old tongue and the sky darkened, multicolored lightning streaked through the sky as the wind howled, giant hailstones started falling as she broke the curse on Kal, Gunther rushed in and cured the disease.

After a few minutes Kal took his turn with old magic to break Billy’s curse. The rip in the veil didn’t have time to heal and things started where they left off when Ophelia was casting. Just as Kal finished breaking Billy’s curse, the ground under Billy dropped ten feet. Thinking quickly as time was of the essence Gunther jumped into the whole so that he could cure Billly’s mummy rot. Exhausted after this ordeal the Threads of Fate went to sleep.

A Study in Scarlet

In her small, moss-covered wood home, a witch was grinding up herbs as a fire crackled under a boiling cauldron. The home was draped with all sorts of dried plants and flowers, bottles filled with various liquids and spices, and in the corners there was sure to be a spider or two. The witch glided elegantly from shelf to shelf, peeking in cupboards and grabbing what she needed and leaving nothing where she found it. Amidst all the contented chaos the witch suddenly stopped what she was doing and stared beyond the wall in front of her. Taking a moment to gather herself she let out a deep sigh. “I take it that things didn’t go so well?” A voice spoke from behind her, “I’m sorry, Henna. I know you disapproved of my decision to leave but I needed to get help. Our village needs saving.” Henna turned, “and how exactly does running off and getting yourself killed save our village, Montgomery?” Monty stood in the doorway, watching as Henna struggled to keep it together, intangible and unable to comfort his dear friend. “Admittedly, my death has proven to be less than ideal, but it is my hope that those who have survived will find it worthwhile to come save our home.”

“What makes you think they’ll come?” Henna now sat at a table pouring herself some tea. “I don’t suppose offering you any would be of any use?” she said still angry. Monty smiled, “I don’t suppose it would. Have faith, Henna. These are good people and they want to help.” The two of them sat together for a while as Henna calmed herself. “How did this happen, Montgomery? What exactly did you follow these people into?”

Monty thought about it for a moment and began to speak, “Well, a friend of theirs had been captured and was being held in a castle to the north; Castle Borgir. We spent a few days there trying to find her and fighting our way to new ends of the castle. On this particular day, we headed back to the castle after camping outside the radius of the black dome that encompassed it. When we got there we found that the drawbridge we had been using had been drawn up again. Seeing as it was the only way we knew how to get in we decided to try and let it down again. After some effort by our more muscular friends, and a determined lady, the bridge came down. Although it nearly crushed our dear friend Gunther in the process. Once inside we had a brief altercation with some thralls. Just before one of them died, he told us of a very dangerous person at the top of the very tower we were headed. When we arrived at the bottom of the stairs there were dozens of heads on spikes leading all the way up. We climbed the stairs, some of us with our weapons drawn, and when we reached the top we encountered a woman.

This woman was lounging in a chair, idly bending coins in one finger and proceeding to flick them about the room. Her name was Mildred Forscythe, she was a vampire and proved to be quite dangerous indeed. Prior to the fight she told us that their friend Jamie was being held with a man she called ‘The Wizard’ and that he was the reason for the darkness that surrounded the castle. I am uncertain of his power but judging by the fight we had with old Mildred it might be better if our friends cut their losses with this one. We fought hard against Mildred, and though we were making progress, she was making better progress against us. With most of us bloodied and a few of us near death, Mildred let out an attack that dropped me unconscious, followed by another attack that ended my life. After seeing my death, Sika became enraged and was determined to see this evil woman disposed of. He drew his dagger and plunged it deep in her chest, killing her. However, once he killed Mildred her soul was sucked into his body and she in turn controlled him. Ophelia then grabbed her spellbook and forced all of her will upon it. Out of the book cast a spell of daylight, utterly destroying Mildred and all that remained of the man whom she possessed.

Ophelia, Kaltor, and Gunther decided that it had been enough for that day and exited the castle to recover from the battle. Upon getting outside they noticed that it was no longer shrouded in darkness. The spell cast from Ophelia’s book must have disrupted the spell causing the darkness. That wasn’t all that they were surprised with. When they reached the camp where we had been resting the previous days they were greeted by the Weaver. Along with the Weaver was the young man Billy and a new friend whose name I have not heard. The strange thing was that Billy seems to have aged about two years since leaving to help his childhood hero. Some woman named Susan the Strong.”

Henna noticeably paused at the name, it was a name she hadn’t heard in quite some time. “Do you know of her?” Monty asked. “You could say I do. She was a companion of mine many years ago. We belonged to a party similar to that of the one you’ve been telling me about. Of course back then she didn’t go by that ridiculous name the locals gave to her.”
“Ahem- I happen to like the name those locals gave her.” Both Monty and Henna turned to the door to see a large woman with big red hair filling the gap where the doorway should be.
“Susan!” Henna couldn’t believe it, “What are you doing here?”
“Henna, we need to talk.”

Dr. Gunther or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Trap

Our heroes once again find themselves in another empty room with the opposition defeated, this time with shadow creatures which were at once so and not so corporeal. The creatures were at first a struggle, as to understand how to harm them was a puzzle in it of itself, but none the less was a struggle that ended in victory for our heroes. After checking the room for loot and the two keys they are looking for to open the giant door, that they already put one key in before, they continue forward to find back into the hall to investigate the rest of the area.

They come upon another suspicious room with four armored dust covered skeleton soldiers, backs turned towards our group, wielding double handed silver great swords. They do not seem to notice our heroes, clearly giving them the upper hand for a surprise sneak attack. Sika checks the entrance for any traps and finds one pressure plate right at the entrance of the room. Sika makes sure to tell the rest of the party to avoid the trap but, in what can be described as a face reflecting thoughtful inspiration, Gunther says wait and goes off back from where they came. He returns with one of the training dummies that was in the room previous from their encounter with the shadow creatures and, with the might and conviction of a man who clearly knows what he is doing, slams the training dummy right on to the pressure plate. Gunther looks towards the four armored soldiers as they are alerted to the noise, the dust blown of their armor with a vigorous spring, and then proceed to come towards the group. It’s at this moment the rest of the party is wondering, what the hell Gunther?! Gunther, looking just as confused as the rest of the party, says to the group, “I thought we could use the trap to our advantage, the traps have never been just alert plates before, they’ve usually been traps that try to hurt us. I thought I could use the trap against them. How was I supposed to know what kind of trap it was?” “EXACTLY MY POINT!” an irritated Sika yells.

The four armored soldiers approach the group and then arrange themselves in some type of strategic formation to oppose the group. Kaltor, through his time fighting alongside soldiers from back home, recognizes the stance as a form of incredible defense. If the group were to fight them head on it would surely end with them losing this fight. “We have to separate them from each other so that their stance will be broken, otherwise this will be an uphill battle for us for sure.”, Kaltor tells the group. So the group proceeds with successful, and unsuccessful, attempts at tearing the soldiers apart from each other through many unique ways from each member in the group. Eventually our group reigns supreme as the victor in a fight that by all rights they could have avoided altogether.

After the fight is over they check the room and fallen enemies for loot and for more clues about the place they have been exploring. After pocketing the silver great swords and a small one handed scythe called a shotel that is considered to have been used by a child, the party notices that the armor that the soldiers are wearing is made of a material that has not been anywhere else in this place. There were no symbols on their armor like the ones discovered prior. The room they are in however does have the acorn symbol adorned on shields hung on the walls of the room. The group decides to go back to camp outside the night dome to rest from the fight. Sika, whose has been feeling ill since the fight with the orc druid, has been feeling a sense of comfort when within the night dome but becomes ill again when outside it, as opposed to the dog who feels more at ease outside it. The party is not sure what to make of it or the relationship that Sika has with it but it is clear that the level of magic required to make the sky perpetually night is very great and that doesn’t bode well for our heroes.

A Fault in the Vault or Banks a Million

Our heroes begin looking at the items they have just removed from the sad orc’s body. A staff and platinum coin which contain more of the marks that they continue to find around the castle. The group walks around the castle looking for areas that these items may belong to but can’t seem to find anything. They go outside to a corner of the castle they think the staff could be used for but instead are met with darkness. The outdoors had become night time despite it being the middle of the afternoon. Through knowledge of the arcane arts Ophelia and Kaltor are able to determine that a spell is covering the castle in a darkness. The party decides to embark out of the darkness and into daylight where they will rest until next morning.

They reach the end of the bubble into daylight but notice that Sika has fallen ill. He feels that returning to the castle would help him as he didn’t have this sickness when he was in there. Monti feeds him elixirs and potions to help with his distress. They seem to take and Sika is feeling better but still not like his old self.

The night passes with no complications though Sika still feels off. They pack up and head back to castle Borgir for more investigations. As they approach the castle Sika seems to be feeling better and is more lively than he had been at camp. They enter the main hall and begin to look more closely at the room. They notice a grand piano in the corner of the room and begin to walk toward it. Next to the piano there is a desk with a chair with some more of the marks. Monti hops onto the desk and notices there is a metal grate near the desk with rubble underneath it. He opens the grate and makes his way in, determining that this was a waiters walkway. You would only see these in the grandest of castles. He also noticed he could see to the other side and that it was a patio overlooking a lake. He informed the group of what he had seen and they determined they should walk around as the map shows.

They approach the door to the north east of the great hall, disarm the trap and walk through. In the first room they discover a beautiful garden filled with plants. Ophelia tried to approach one tree with a gorgeous fruit dangling from it but it sprung a trap and she had to be rescued by Gunther. While she was being rescuing Ophelia had cut her hand on a thorn of a rose bush. Sika ran over to her and began to help her tend to her wounds. She was fine and wrapped her hand in a piece of cloth. The gathered what they could from the room and continued the journey

Walking down the hall they came to a room with a large metal door, Monti was able to determine that it was a vault door. Sika tried his hand at picking the locks but to no avail. He then remembered they had found a small key on a soldier in a room. The key seemed to be the same size as one of the key holes in the door. He put it in and twisted, the key turned but seemed be stuck in position. The other two key holes had two crowns on them one smaller than the other. The party was not on the hunt for two more keys. More than likely belonging to a king and prince. Hopefully more alive than the last fellow they found with a key.

In the next room they saw two training dummies at the end of the room. As they entered the room they noticed two floating swords attacking them. Gunther tried to inspect them but as he stepped in the room the floor shifted and created a scraping noise. The noise and the encroachment in the room seemed to irritate them and they began to approach the party. Trying to get into the room proved to be complicated as the doorway was too small to fit everyone in. They eventually were able to enter the room and work their death magic, eliminating the immediate threat to them….

Orc's Gotta Have it or Do The Bite Thing

Our adventurers wake up groggy on a dreary day. Castle Borgir was even darker this day due to the fact the braziers were no longer lit. The party retraced their steps from the day before to the ruined rec room. They pressed into the next room where they found a large purple and yellow chest with the name Chesto inscribed on it. Sika was able to open the lock, and Gunther opened the chest and got bopped in the nose with a boxing glove. After a bit of work the heroes were able to open Chesto and take everything out.

The next room they went to was the old barracks. The room was blockaded from the inside but Ophelia was able to manipulate the door and remove some of the blockades and the party was able to get in. They found one skeleton in a chair with blood stains from hat must have been a gut wound. The soldier had a acorn symbol on his tunic, and a winged helmet.

For the first time since arriving in the castle Borgir the party ventured upstairs. They reached the top of the tower that nature seemed to be reclaiming. There was a large orc feasting on a recently killed boar. When he first looked up he thought Ophelia was there to punish him for his crimes but realized she wasn’t the Dryad he thought her to be. A fight ensued and the orc actually turned into a large snake and brought his wolf and bear friends into the fight. The storm seemed to worsen with each swing in the battle. After sometime the heroes emerged victorious. Sika stabbed the orc vampire through the heart with one of his daggers. The abomination wretched in pain and reached for Sika looking in his eyes and fell to the floor. Sika felt a sadness in the beast’s eyes and sat with him for a moment while the others gathered themselves. He could feel the struggle the orc had in his last days on the planet, feel it in his soul. Sika went back to the group but felt a little off.

Doorway to Danger or Doom in the Room

We started our adventure discovering a giant broken down fortress surrounded by a moat with what looked like rainbow glistening gasoline floating on top. Little did we know that the ink-like muck turned out to be a monster called Black Pudding and he was hindering our way into the abandoned castle said to hold our friend Jamie Reed. During the course of our battle the black pudding was cut in half and instead of taking damage, the pudding split into two perfectly functional monsters. At first we thought our demise was staring at us in the face until we realized that our elemental powers can overcome this slimy demon. Our dryad party member used fire to set the top layer of the oil on fire, setting the entire moat to go up in flames and using soften earth to force one of the two Siamese puddings to fall into the flames, causing it to bubble and eventually explode. With all the commotion going on it’s amazing that our heroes were able to hear what sounded like 8 feet running towards them in a quick manner; is it another enemy? Coming towards us was what looked like a human man riding a small horse with a gorgeous Siberian tiger by his side. If you squinted hard enough you would have noticed that not only is the man being accompanied by a tiger, but also someone or something else. Is it Prince Charming? It is not, but the next best thing, a frog! But this is no ordinary frog; the frog was carrying a jar with what looks like marshmallow fluff inside of it. Frog guy threw the jar on the ground, it broke, and this white pudding creature crawled to the black pudding, made them form into one and basically ate each other to death.

The human introduced himself as Gunther and the frog like man as Monty. The party decided to have Gunthar and Monty join their party after the untimely demise of their pal Monty. After introductions were made, our “Threads of Fate” were paid a visit by the man/entity who is responsible for the creation of our team; The Weaver. The Weaver told us to trust Gunthar and Monty as they will help us with the tasks at end, which in this case, is helping rescue Jamie inside. He also reassured us that we were destined for greatness, which was very good news after the death of our friend. Unfortunately, The Weaver told us the Billy was needed for a task that only he can perform and took Billy with him when he dissipated into the beyond. The good news is, our new frog friend brought us healing potions which taste like sweet tea, and the bad news is Monty didn’t turn into a prince after the dryad, Ophelia, kissed him.

After using magical forest powers to creative a bamboo-like bridge, our hero’s safely crossed the moat and reached the front gates of the castle which looks like it was being guarded by an evil force. We started looking around a found an old stable, and to our surprise, found a carriage with dead decaying horses in it. After dragging out these nasty smelling corpses, we found a secret entrance with a symbol on it that none of us could decipher, hence not letting us into the room. Ophelia used her eagle cape powers to turn into a bird and look at this castle-like home from an aerial perspective to try to see if there was another entrance into the place. She saw that there was, told the party, and we entered the castle. When we entered the castle we encountered what looked like four drugged out meth heads that yelled “FOOD” and attacked us immediately. After we defeated the meth heads, we saw that there was another door on the other side of the wall and we opened it to discover what looked like 3 chefs and a butler. At this point we don’t know how our hero’s will act; will they fight or will they run?

A Creep in the Deep or Did You Step In Something?

Session on 11-20-15

The group decided to search for jobs/quests in the town starting with people we know. Billy took everyone to see Whittlewood who informed us of a place off to the west that is an abandoned Dwarven outpost. Whittlewood said that the outpost was most likely deserted. It was so suddenly that they left most of their belongings at the keep.

After that we headed over to Amaad’s. His information was of an elven city deep in the western forest. It currently has been taken control of by a bunch of mages, one of whom has a crystal orb that is said to see deep into the future. The orb is being held in a tall tower in the town. Amaad would like us to retrieve this crystal orb. The other quest Amaad informed us about was an island out in the middle of the ocean that contains a stone. He does not know which island it is and assumes that the past owner of the gem would not have left it unguarded. He desires the stone more than the crystal orb. He also had some nice items for sale. Billy was looking for a blacksmithing instrument to help a friend of his with a project. Amaad told him he could get an item of that sorts and to return back later so he could go get it.

At the job board in town we found two quests that were of interest. One was an advertisement looking for people who were looking for adventure and riches. Anyone interested should inquire at the Seaworth Museum. The other quest was to help find a “missing medic.” On the paper was a symbol (Angiris Council) and some writing to inquire at the Eternal Horizon Inn. We headed to the Eternal Horizon where we saw an incredibly pale man sitting in the back wearing a white cloak with copper trimmings and the same symbol on the chest as on the paper. When we got closer you could see that he had no hair or eyebrows and his eyes were a shimmering bronze/gold. When asked for his name he told us it was trivial. He informed us that the medic who was captured and needing rescue was Jamie Reed. Once we accepted the responsibility the man disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving behind his cloak.

Billy returned to the merchant to check on the status of his order. Ahmaad had come into a Smithing Hammer that he thought Billy would be interested in. Billy began to salivate at it’s potential and asked the merchant how much was needed to part with such a divine tool. They began to haggle and Billy almost lost his shirt in the deal,literally. They were able to come together with amicable price and Billy was more than happy to receive such a wonderful item. He then proceeded to bring the hammer to [insert name of blacksmith here] so that he could finish the [insert name of sword here]. [blacksmith name here] was delighted to see the the magnificent hammer and told Billy he would have [name of sword here] way sooner than planned. Billy bid him adieu and met up the team to begin their adventure.

The group decided that we should head up North and save Jamie first. Since the location was 22 days away we decided to ask Greywind if there was a Leyline that we could use to get there instead of normal travel. Greywind said that there was a Leyline that could get us very close but that area was very dangerous and he would not be able to stay with us. So we decided to journey on our mounts, but Sika did not have one.
They headed over to the mount dealer called Zansabar’s Used Mounts. They were able procure a mount for Sika, a beautiful Dire Boar named Bacon. The item of greatest interest was a large owlbear in a cage. The huge monster was covered in blood and had a human skull in his cage. This seemed to get Billy’s attention and he began trying to negotiate with the merchant. Billy was able to convince him to sell him the owlbear for 60 gp. The merchant couldn’t have been more excited to rid himself of the animal.

It took us 14 days to arrive at the castle where Jamie was said to be held. The weather was terrible with heavy rain and lightning. The surrounding area was very muddy and littered with dead saplings. Around the castle was a moat about 18ft across with a drawbridge that was gated and raised. After checking to see if any creatures were in the water we tied rope to Sika’s waist and he swam across to the other side. Once on the other side the knocker on the front door of the castle started to glow purple and the eyes shot out two purple beams. The beams looked at Billy, then Kal, and then down at Sika. After looking at the three of us the knocker stopped glowing and the mud began to move and separate. Sika then decided to attempt to climb the castle wall. The wall was covered in a very slick black algae-like substance which slowed Sika down and made climbing very difficult. After almost reaching the chains that would let down the drawbridge Sika fell. Once on the ground the mud separated further and undead skeletons crawled up and out of the ground. This started combat.

On Sika’s side of the moat were two undead while on the other side were four. Sika fell in the moat trying to attack one of the undead and swam back to Billy and Kal. Billy took on two undead and eventually killed them both while Sika finished off the third one. Kal summoned his sabre from the necklace he purchased from Fezziwig and took on the other three. One of the undead wielding a greatsword was inflicting heavy damage upon Kal who attempted to use his mirror image spell to confuse the undead. The spell unfortunately had no effect and in an attempt to survive until Billy and Sika could aid him he cast shield and went full defensive. The undead wielding the greatsword cut Kal down to the point of unconsciousness and he was barely breathing. Sika stabbed one of the undead in a rage while Billy ran up and stood over Kal’s body, with one furious cleave Billy swung through all three of the undead, killing two and severely wounding the one wielding the greatsword. Sika then leaped towards the undead, burying his daggers into it and killing it once and for all. When it was quiet Sika poured an orcish potion down Kal’s throat and thankfully he came to. After stabilizing the group the ground across the moat began to lurch up revealing a huge black oozing creature. This is where the session leaves off.

Individual Moments

  • Sold music box to Amaad. Music box was not magical. The song that plays is incredibly old and probably one from when the Ancients were alive.
  • Sold Celestial Bronze Sword to Amaad.
  • Purchased a very special smithing hammer from Amaad and gave it to Duncan to help finish the meteorite sword.
  • Picked up the pale stranger’s cloak.
  • Saved Kaltor’s life in a move a desperation
  • Placed down payment on Bugbear at Zansabar’s
Sika Anoa’i
  • Purchased a Dire Boar from Zansabar. Named it Bacon?
  • Climbed a castle wall and swam across a moat to get a better vantage point
  • Purchased a beginners guide to music from music woman.
  • Struck down in combat by a very skilled skeleton wielding a greatsword
  • Refused to let Amaad test out an axe that can cut down trees in one fell swoop on her.
  • Suggested the party would be safer in the forest where she felt more at home

Main Story – Most/All of the Dwarves to the West are longer in their homes, leaving everything behind.
The party is in danger and is being attacked by a huge undulated black blob that emerged from the moat of the dark castle.

Session Two
Delving Deeper Into the Mysterious Cave

This session saw our heroes delving deeper into the mysterious golbin cave to the north. One the way to the cave the heroes found some extremely tall grass, (filled with extremely large ticks!). The heroes managed to overcome the three giant arachnids and progress deeper into the grass. It was here they found what is known as a font of power. It is a meeting point between leylines of fey magic. The water caused the plants and creatures nearby to grow at an astonishing rate. The heroes experimented with the water. Those that had the fortitude to harness this incredible power grew more hearty. Others found themselves purging this magical water.


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