The Broken Crown

Blank Night or The Age of Nothing

Having cured themselves of mummy rot the Threads of Fate wander back into castle Borgir. As they came to the eastern themed room they were rudely awakened to see the mummy was standing again. Gunther told the other to stand back his faith would prevent him from succumbing to mummy rot. The foul undead made a gesture that was recognized to be a dueling challenge. Gunther accepted and battle ensued. The holy warrior charged his sword up with magic and called down a righteous wrath upon the evil spawn. The fight was great and terrifying, the combatants were evenly matched and the fight came down to one final swing. Gunther knocked the Mummy down who then offered his head in defeat, Gunther took it with no hesitation and a green wave exploded forth shattering several jars near the sarcophagus and destroying the flies the mummy had spit out moments before.

The party explored the southwest and final tower of the castle. They found the lever to open the trick wall the map had pointed to on the outside. They also found a rare contraption used for blood transfusions. The heroes next scaled the rubble of the ruined tower and found themselves in a library. There they learned that the house words of the Borgir were, “United we Stand.” This library was the most well kept room in the entire castle. There was an odd statue in the corner of the room that looked like a visage of death with a scythe in one hand and the other outstretched. Billy put one of the coins they had taken off a vampire into the hand and the statue started to move, unwilling to face more danger this day the party decided to head back to camp for the night.


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