The Broken Crown

Orc's Gotta Have it or Do The Bite Thing

Our adventurers wake up groggy on a dreary day. Castle Borgir was even darker this day due to the fact the braziers were no longer lit. The party retraced their steps from the day before to the ruined rec room. They pressed into the next room where they found a large purple and yellow chest with the name Chesto inscribed on it. Sika was able to open the lock, and Gunther opened the chest and got bopped in the nose with a boxing glove. After a bit of work the heroes were able to open Chesto and take everything out.

The next room they went to was the old barracks. The room was blockaded from the inside but Ophelia was able to manipulate the door and remove some of the blockades and the party was able to get in. They found one skeleton in a chair with blood stains from hat must have been a gut wound. The soldier had a acorn symbol on his tunic, and a winged helmet.

For the first time since arriving in the castle Borgir the party ventured upstairs. They reached the top of the tower that nature seemed to be reclaiming. There was a large orc feasting on a recently killed boar. When he first looked up he thought Ophelia was there to punish him for his crimes but realized she wasn’t the Dryad he thought her to be. A fight ensued and the orc actually turned into a large snake and brought his wolf and bear friends into the fight. The storm seemed to worsen with each swing in the battle. After sometime the heroes emerged victorious. Sika stabbed the orc vampire through the heart with one of his daggers. The abomination wretched in pain and reached for Sika looking in his eyes and fell to the floor. Sika felt a sadness in the beast’s eyes and sat with him for a moment while the others gathered themselves. He could feel the struggle the orc had in his last days on the planet, feel it in his soul. Sika went back to the group but felt a little off.


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