The Broken Crown

Rot Got Your Tongue or Somebody Call My Mummy

The Threads of Fate spent a good amount of time exploring the South East tower of castle Borgir. They found many interesting things not the least of which was the Castellan’s office. The Castellan himself seemed to have locked himself in his office when things turned bad in the castle and died hiding alone. His office had one of the best things the party could have hoped to find, a key cupboard. Unfortunately all the keys had fallen off of the hooks, the heroes divided them up so each had a few and went on. Also in the Castellan’s office they found not only sealing wax but also the stamp of house Borgir.

The next interesting area they came upon was the bath house which had fallen into some disrepair. The facilities seemed like they were quite luxurious at one point. The next room was decorated in an eastern theme with a giant sarcophagus in the center. Derek started to approach the center when the lid flew off of the sarcophagus and a shambling corpse wrapped in bandages stepped out. Billy and Kal closed on it immediately while Gunther took his time powering up. While Derek and Ophelia supported from afar, as Kal and Billy felled the monster before Gunther got in the fight. After the fight however Billy and Kal screamed in pain as their skin withered away from any place the mummy touched them.
The party rushed back to camp to try and fix the wounded. Gunther had heard of something called mummy rot that was a combination of a curse and a disease, and, that both the curse and disease must be treated separately. Though he was able to cure disease Gunther was unable to break the curse, Ophelia said that by using old magic she would be able to break the curse. Ophelia started chanting in the old tongue and the sky darkened, multicolored lightning streaked through the sky as the wind howled, giant hailstones started falling as she broke the curse on Kal, Gunther rushed in and cured the disease.

After a few minutes Kal took his turn with old magic to break Billy’s curse. The rip in the veil didn’t have time to heal and things started where they left off when Ophelia was casting. Just as Kal finished breaking Billy’s curse, the ground under Billy dropped ten feet. Thinking quickly as time was of the essence Gunther jumped into the whole so that he could cure Billly’s mummy rot. Exhausted after this ordeal the Threads of Fate went to sleep.


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