The Broken Crown

Dr. Gunther or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Trap

Our heroes once again find themselves in another empty room with the opposition defeated, this time with shadow creatures which were at once so and not so corporeal. The creatures were at first a struggle, as to understand how to harm them was a puzzle in it of itself, but none the less was a struggle that ended in victory for our heroes. After checking the room for loot and the two keys they are looking for to open the giant door, that they already put one key in before, they continue forward to find back into the hall to investigate the rest of the area.

They come upon another suspicious room with four armored dust covered skeleton soldiers, backs turned towards our group, wielding double handed silver great swords. They do not seem to notice our heroes, clearly giving them the upper hand for a surprise sneak attack. Sika checks the entrance for any traps and finds one pressure plate right at the entrance of the room. Sika makes sure to tell the rest of the party to avoid the trap but, in what can be described as a face reflecting thoughtful inspiration, Gunther says wait and goes off back from where they came. He returns with one of the training dummies that was in the room previous from their encounter with the shadow creatures and, with the might and conviction of a man who clearly knows what he is doing, slams the training dummy right on to the pressure plate. Gunther looks towards the four armored soldiers as they are alerted to the noise, the dust blown of their armor with a vigorous spring, and then proceed to come towards the group. It’s at this moment the rest of the party is wondering, what the hell Gunther?! Gunther, looking just as confused as the rest of the party, says to the group, “I thought we could use the trap to our advantage, the traps have never been just alert plates before, they’ve usually been traps that try to hurt us. I thought I could use the trap against them. How was I supposed to know what kind of trap it was?” “EXACTLY MY POINT!” an irritated Sika yells.

The four armored soldiers approach the group and then arrange themselves in some type of strategic formation to oppose the group. Kaltor, through his time fighting alongside soldiers from back home, recognizes the stance as a form of incredible defense. If the group were to fight them head on it would surely end with them losing this fight. “We have to separate them from each other so that their stance will be broken, otherwise this will be an uphill battle for us for sure.”, Kaltor tells the group. So the group proceeds with successful, and unsuccessful, attempts at tearing the soldiers apart from each other through many unique ways from each member in the group. Eventually our group reigns supreme as the victor in a fight that by all rights they could have avoided altogether.

After the fight is over they check the room and fallen enemies for loot and for more clues about the place they have been exploring. After pocketing the silver great swords and a small one handed scythe called a shotel that is considered to have been used by a child, the party notices that the armor that the soldiers are wearing is made of a material that has not been anywhere else in this place. There were no symbols on their armor like the ones discovered prior. The room they are in however does have the acorn symbol adorned on shields hung on the walls of the room. The group decides to go back to camp outside the night dome to rest from the fight. Sika, whose has been feeling ill since the fight with the orc druid, has been feeling a sense of comfort when within the night dome but becomes ill again when outside it, as opposed to the dog who feels more at ease outside it. The party is not sure what to make of it or the relationship that Sika has with it but it is clear that the level of magic required to make the sky perpetually night is very great and that doesn’t bode well for our heroes.


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